Southeast Fibers Educators Association (SEFEA)

Artwork by Robin Haller


Robin Haller, assistant professor in the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University, teaches weaving and feltmaking within the Textiles Program. In her weavings, the strong inherent grid of the medium is used in tandem with the matrix of digital design. The mathematics involved in all aspects of the process provides a foundation of logic and order that influences her design choices. A network of pattern is created in response to the grid through the layering of motifs that exist both on the surface and within the structure. The layers of pattern are generated by her interest in the relationships and dualities of systems of pattern. For Haller, these systems of pattern are metaphors for time and memory.

Fleet_of_Hope In_Search_of_Our_Best_Self FlowersforDianne LabyrinthOfRecovery Lost_In_My_Own_Head NaturesDichotomy RedReservoir lightbox gallery cms by v5.7m