Southeast Fibers Educators Association (SEFEA)

Artwork by Jess Jones


Jess Jones is an assistant professor of textiles at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Fibers from East Tennessee State University. Her undergraduate work was in painting, drawing, and printmaking, and she often combines all of these media in her textile work. Her work can be seen in exhibitions and publications such as “Quilt National.” Her imagery contains information that is both retrieved and created, using visual and physical textures, like the enjoyable confusion of an image of concrete and the structure of lace. Jones is interested in how the form of mapmaking has a dual nature; isolation as well as connection, communication and miscommunication, orientation and disorientation. She enjoys softening the aggressive territorial language of the city by recreating it in the structure of a quilt, which signifies comfort and familiarity. These sewn structures become an album, an atlas, an emotional archive, simultaneously recording and redefining her thoughts and experiences.

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