Southeast Fibers Educators Association (SEFEA)

Artwork by Amy Putansu


Amy Putansu was born and raised on the coast of Maine. The shoreline and seascape influence her aesthetic above all else. Her format for expression began its development at Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Textile Design.  Putansu worked for cottage industry before operating her own studio practice, Putansu Textiles. In 2008, Putansu became a full-time faculty member at Haywood Community College in the Professional Craft Program.  Putansu currently explores ondul√© weaving in the form of exhibition pieces or yardage lengths, working with fine natural and alternative fibers. Her design choices are informed by a combination of practice, knowledge, and intuition.

'Grid' 300 dpiPutansu 
'Grid' detailPutansu
'Horizon' 300dpi Putansu 
'Horizon' detail Putansu 
'Smudged' Putansu
'Smudged' detail 
Waves yardage lightbox gallery cms by v5.9m

Student Work

Putansu student image Angela Kane Putansu student image Christopher Cagle Putansu student image Joan Berner Putansu student image Lia Ehrlich Putansu student image Sherri Bell Putansu student image Yvonne Engler lightbox gallery cms by v5.9m